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Is There Any Specific "Selling Season" When Someone's Sales Increasing?


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Thousands of sellers on the Fiverr platform. Hundreds of niches to work with. From my personal point of view, i noticed that sales in some niches increase on the basis of an occasion, whether other niches get reduced sales.

For instance, the SEO and Graphic Design industries are too vast areas. Keyword research, link building are the relentless process, and the sellers of these fields get orders year-round. On the other hand, designing a logo needs both for physical and online-based businesses once only. Logo designers can get work every time for those who belong to ranked gigs. Besides, the "invitation card" design may be a seasonal job, the vendor might feel a shortage in earning by providing design services. 

What about your thought? Do we need to switch the niche/industry when we already achieved authority?

Let's share your knowledge now. 

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11 hours ago, enunciator said:

I think something like holiday related gigs, say a Christmas themed gig, proooobably does better closer to Christmas. But I'm just taking a wild hunch.

Can you say something about your niche's future, what is your ideal customer avatar? 

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In general, there's a certain seasonality to the volume of clients in my experience. Summer (July/August) and the Christmas season (December/January, but it really starts in November) tend to be much weaker. September/October and March/April/May tend to be particularly strong. But of course it will depend on your target market. Mine is largely the US, and quite focused on businesses, so this makes sense. If you're selling travel plans, probably the summer will be strong, if you're selling Christmas cards, November and December will be where it's at.

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However, in the designing field; there're some high ticket zone yet to discover. Suppose, someone designs T-shirt at $10. Normally, once s/he earns 10x10 in a month. 

Instead, he simply takes some time to upgrade his current skill set, find a niche that's usual price begins from $50. There're enormous opportunities:

- need to handle high paying clients

- less hassle on bargaining

- quality service, trust gaining, and reputation building up......

Now, it's choice to move forward, and shape your career for 2022 onwards.........

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