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Soundproofed? not in my new home


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As you know, I'm a music composer. I pass a lot of time playing on my piano (it's a wonderful yamaha with wooden desk, it fits perfectly with my furniture), or playing guitars or synthesizers in my home studio (it's in another room).

Ok, the room for music is not soundproofed. Why? well, I moved since an year or so, and while in the old house the home studio was soundproofed, I didn't do it as well with the new house.

The reason is: the temperature in summer, it was absurd. And also: BUGS! yes bugs.

Soundproofing gives a lot of problems.

Now I work a lot using my headphones, but I play music with my monitor speakers and I must say the others in the building didn't complain. So I'll continue till someone complains 😄

The cool thing is that I play music also at night, means 3 or 4 AM... but usually classical music (to relax). At a very low volume anyway, but it's still night! No one complains... BAH


Your ideas?

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