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Limit Tips for Buyers to Buyers, or make two forums; Seller-to-Buyer Advice and Buyer-to-Buyer Advice and limit the second one to buyers


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What I had been expecting I would see in Tips for Buyers:
Post: "I'm a buyer and I'm noticing a trend that whenever I get a botched delivery, there was a specific element of context I hadn't provided. Here is the post-mortem about how I figured it out and dealt with it."
Reply: "I'm a buyer too, I've had a similar experience. Here's my anecdote to help clarify the point, and expand the topic to be more portable between categories."
Reply: "This is the template I use when sending out tasks. It using a combination or checklist and journalistic method to insure critical points are handled cleanly."

What is actually happening in Tips for Buyers:
Post: "I'm a seller and I want to promote my gig under the guise of advice."
Reply: "I'm a seller too, and I'm going to argue about everything you just said."
Reply: "This is a picture meme."

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47 minutes ago, moikchap said:

What is actually happening in Tips for Buyers:
Post: "I'm a seller and I want to promote my gig under the guise of advice."

A lot of categories are misused with a new forum. 
The same is happening in “Tips for sellers” category and all posts that are reported to move to a different category are not moved. I’m not sure what is the motivation behind leaving all spam in tips for sellers and buyers category. I even asked “administration” to clarify what content those categories are supposed to be for but it was just ignored. 

you can also use report button on all those topics that don’t belong in “tips for buyers” category and see if they will be moved to different category. 
However I gave up with it. 

@mjensen415 here is another feedback about categories like “tips for sellers” and “tips for buyers” are not being cleaned up from the spam. 

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It goes more like this, in my experience:

“I’m a buyer. I ordered 1 gig, then something really terrible happened. Something so dark and unforgivable that it pains me greatly to think about it. Pains me so much that I won’t give away  any details and just dispense some loud words into the atmosphere, like “thief”, “criminal”, “machiavellian genius”. It has to be as dramatic as possible. Especially if the entire situation was a misunderstanding, the order was $5 and I got refunded in the end. 

I’ll close with (just like I’ve opened with) a warning to avoid using this site, announce my departure to that other site we are not allowed to mention (even though it’s more confusing to use) and mention making a post about this on reddit. Reddit will hear about this, that’s for sure.”

My close second favourite is: 

“Hello, I am a new seller who isn’t qualified giving any advice about anything on the platform. Except, maybe, registering an account and sneaky ways of stealing someone’s gig description or gig image without getting caught. But we’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to talk how you, dear buyer, should hire me for any and all the jobs you might have. You should hire me because of reasons I’m not going to disclose since I don’t have any. And because I’m a good person.”


Seller-to-buyer advice

It's going to turn into a cesspool of those "Hire me, I'm a good person" posts in seconds. No point in having such a category.


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