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How to write your buyer request? 5 Effective Tips

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Alright, I'm gonna share some tips that might help you to increase your rate of getting contacted by buyers from buyer request. As you know we just can send 10 buyer request per day so you have to be careful about the sending limit, Let's jump into detail below.

1. Keep scrolling the buyer request page and read every request's two or three lines to understand if the job is for you. Check how many people already sent buyer request on the it. Check the buyer budget (If he or she mention about fixed budget).

2. Read the request carefully. Try to understand what actually the buyer looking for. Read the full buyer request firstly and understand what the buyer want from you. In one word you have to know what you have to do. Maybe there some communication gap in what the buyer asking for but as it will be related to your work you should understand the buyers mind. Think if you can do the job or not. If you are confident about the job then apply for it. If you think you can't do the job please don't waste your daily buyer request limit.

3. When you got something you can do where less people applied for the the job already and the budget looks solid for you then just go ahead and write your proposal  on the request. Make sure what you have to write to convert the buyer into profit.

4. Start the conversion with "Hey, Hi, Hello" do not mention Sir/Madam something like that. Tell them that you have read the request carefully and know what to do also mention you understood the thing they are looking for and you are confident to do it for them. Don't forget to share the idea about how you will do the work. Like how you will start, what tools you will use, what will be better etc.

5. Finish the application with any questions. Ask the buyer more about the plan or if you have any confusion or anything else just make an escape that the buyer must response to you. Lastly, be solid about your budget. Make the buyer understand about why you are going to charge him\her.


Hope this tips will help you to write your buyer request more effective.



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