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9 minutes ago, lutfurrahman00 said:

When i will given my laptop a new window, then if i login my old fiverr account , in cause have a rule to disable my fiverr account ? there would be any problem with fiverr account?


You can install Windows or even log in to Fiverr from a brand new laptop. Sometimes, Fiverr will ask you to complete some sort of security check to make sure it's you. 

I use Fiverr on my main PC, on my Surface, on my phone, and at times, from friends devices if I for example have run out of battery and I urgently need to log on. There's never any issues with that. 

I assume you are asking about this, knowing that you can only have a single (one) account on Fiverr. So you should never have more than one Fiverr account. But you can use it from different devices just fine. 

Hope this helps!

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