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Fiverr is the BEST! Here's my story. ^_^


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Hi everyone! ^^

I am a Licensed Nurse by profession but I didn’t pursue working as a nurse because it’s not really my passion. Instead, I worked in a company as a Multimedia Artist last January 2013 and it lasted for six months. Art is my absolute passion. So I thought working as a Multimedia Artist is going to be easy, but I was wrong. It was a difficult feat climbing the corporate ladder. I dealt with different kinds of stress, in which I know most of you have experienced it, too. After eight months, I got laid off.

Fortunately, after two weeks being a bum, another company offered me a job as a Marketing Officer. It started so well, giving me fairly good income. As time goes by, I am no longer receiving the compensation they promised. It wasn’t good anymore and gradually they terminated us. My work as a Marketing Officer only lasted for four months.

After working with those two companies, I decided to work as a freelancer at home. I rarely get enough clients to sustain a good income and provide my needs, maybe because I lack the tools or the right marketplace to promote my works.

Luckily, a new friend of mine, who happened to see and appreciate my works on facebook, told me about Fiverr. She told me that I can use my talents and make money out of it. So, without any second thought, I gave it a try.

I joined Fiverr last March 29, 2014 and created my first gig where I draw a cute character in my original and unique style. I got my first order after two weeks and that’s the start of everything. I became a Level 1 Seller with 100% positive rating in my first month and now I’m near to becoming a Level 2 Seller. I earned my first $100 in 1 month which is pretty good for a start.

Working here on Fiverr is now my new career and I am serious to make it big. To be honest, I really love it here on Fiverr. There are so many reasons why I want to make it big. First and foremost, I can be my own boss. Fiverr also teaches us to become Entrepreneurs, not just an employee. It allows us to showcase our talents from all over the world. I also get to know and meet interesting people from different cultures and races and learn from them. In that case, it enhances my communication skills and it makes my heart smile knowing that my clients are happy with my service. This is just the start, still a long way to go. ^

All my gigs are here: http://www.fiverr.com/ella_banana

I will add more gigs soon! 🙂

Cheers and Best Regards,

Ella Loren Bulatao

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Hi, Ella. We have similar stories. I’m also a nurse and i’m really happy to get a new yet fun part time job here as graphic artist. And tomorrow i’ll reach level 1 seller! Yay i’m so excited 😃

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