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How to add images with review on existing Gig?


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6 hours ago, jatinbishtt said:

I have seen many sellers using images with reviews. I am not getting any option for that. Am i missing anything? Please Help!

Hay Dear.

If you give the buyer a picture of the work in the delivery message box at the time of delivery of the order, it will show your image along with the review. This is the solution.

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9 hours ago, seven_sign said:

When you delivery all the files to your client from "Deliver Your Order" button

Just upload the picture in "Upload Work" part.

If client accept your work to add as your portfolio, it will be showing on your gig images with the review/ratings.


This is proper solution. you can follow this

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On 10/28/2021 at 3:08 PM, maqboolurrahman said:

@seven_sign thanks for such a brief guidance, Just need some confirmation i.e., You meant like; we need to upload a snapshot of work before we upload the work files


Yes an image file. as soon as you add an image file in "upload work" you will see it's showing as portfolio on the bottom right corner of the delivery windows (popup box)
Then if buyer accept to add this as portfolio (by default it's check marked, buyer may uncheck it if he don't want it), it will be added to your give images as a portfolio with review.

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