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36 minutes ago, marketer_maidul said:


Why you need to active 24 hours??

You are human being. You need sleep for a certain period.

How will you be active physically??

If you would like to deception to buyers while you are sleeping using some software, that would not take great something for you.

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2 hours ago, seven_sign said:

Being active in fiverr for 24 hours is not a natural activity.

Also it will not give a positive impression.

So better skip using any tricks for that.

Keep using fiverr on browser and you can install Fiverr Mobile App.

Stay online when you are available only.

You always given most important post. Thank you so much.

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5 hours ago, marketer_maidul said:

Thanks . I can use auto refresher ?

I will suggest you to avoid using any other tools or tricks like auto refresher.

So many people will say they are using without any issues. But stay away from tricks and tools for fiverr platform.

Be natural!

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  • 9 months later...

This is surely a myth that you will have to active on fiver 24 hours. You don't need to do that. But try to be active 10-12 hours. Best solution is to use fiverr apps on your smart phone.

And never use the browser auto reload extension. If you fiverr can detect it, your account will be deleted for sure.

Thank you

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  • 11 months later...

You don't have to use auto refresh, You need a good health to work, to have a good health you need sleep so you have to be available when you could.

Staying online can just give you click the most important thing is to write high quality gig description that will make buyer to order direct.

So use your hand to stay online!

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