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Do cancelled orders that are incomplete and haven't been started effect completion rate?



I have a buyer who placed an order without contacting me and now may not be able to deliver the proper files for me to begin work. They have no uploaded the requirements yet so the order shows as "incomplete" and the order timer has not started. If I cancel the order when it was in the "incomplete" status, will it effect my cancellation rate still?

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Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452537-Cancellations 
Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, Customer Support will cancel an order for you without negatively affecting your gig, but I'm pretty sure it will still affect your cancellation rate. IF your buyer indeed cannot provide the required items, your best bet is to contact CS and politely ask them to cancel the order due to not receiving required items.

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