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Fiverr Pro – new to the forum! Can't wait to meet you all :)


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Hey everyone!

I've been a seller on Fiverr for over a year now, and I've recently been made pro 🙂

I am excited to get more involved with this wonderful community! I've also recently made an Instagram account to help freelancers on their journey: https://www.instagram.com/thefreelancerbible/?hl=en

Feel free to drop me a message!



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  • jtoner101 changed the title to Fiverr Pro – new to the forum! Can't wait to meet you all :)

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! It's always cool to meet someone who is a pro 😄
It's great that you're helping other freelancers but since you are new to the forum maybe I can give you a bit of a heads-up,
since you are a successful Fiverr pro AND you said "drop me a message," there is a chance you'll be getting spam messages
from sellers who are looking for a quick way to...well, make money.  😅


BTW I checked your Instagram, though the whole "What I'm thinking" VS "What I'm saying" made me laugh, you can go ahead and add
"You're an idiot"   vs  "I'm terribly sorry, perhaps I did a poor job of explaining." 🤣
"I give up, go away."  vs  "I'm afraid I am not the best person for this job. I hope you can find another seller who can help out!"


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