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Hello all fiverr experts! I have a question related to ordering acceptance.

My client ordered me a gig which will be delivered by 2 days (by 26th Aug 2021). He planned to order me 2 more articles, and then i sent him "custom offer" within the same ordering number and these 2 articles will be delivered by the next 5 days. 

Then, after my client acceptance, that ordering number contains 3 articles (including 1 one and additional 2 articles) with 05: 23 days as total delivery time ( by 30 Aug 2021, at this current time m writing this forum).

Well, I am wondering if my delivery date for "first article" is still regarded within the deadline of 26th Aug  or I can send him by 30th Aug as new deadline now?

Thanks you all for your kindly responses. 

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