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What shall be your suggestion for new sellers?


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Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick site. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more seller accounts with zero orders than there are of accounts with any amount of orders combined.

Perform an honest self evaluation of what you are good at and then research if there is a demand for such a skill/talent. Don't just simply replicate services from popular categories, especially if you are not able to stand out from the crowd whether via targeting a specific niche or by having such obviously great skills that one stands out regardless of category saturation.

One's gig pages are the most critical aspects of a seller's potential appeal to buyers. They are your store front in the digital marketplace. Having gig that are coherent, legible, and realistic in expectations and pricing should be the bare minimum (but so many sellers don't even clear that bar). Making one's gigs appealing, relevantly descriptive, and professional in tone is also fundamental.

Do not make the mistake in thinking forum activity influences seller account activity. There are many incredibly successful sellers who have never graced the forum a single time. There are also many desperate sellers who post on the forum multiple times each and every day and will likely never receive that first order.

Do not believe everything you read on the forum. Take any piece of advice posted with a hint of skepticism and a grain of salt (even with what I am posting now, I don't mind.) 😄 The forum is inundated with outright harmful and bad advice. There are gems of advice as well, but sifting through the garbage can be a chore.

I've probably spent all this time replying to a thread that will likely get buried away by the vacuous spam that clutters the forum, but c'est la vie...


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