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How can get more order


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4 hours ago, shauncosta101 said:


I'm Shaun costa. I'm a new seller on Fiverr.  At this time I completed 11 orders. But I want to more order. Because past order was low prices order. 

Shaun, good start. Two things. 

1. Your gig description has some problems with English that need to be addressed, such as: " I will be a good service provider for your project's perfect service. I hope you will satisfy with my services."  Those things hurt business. 

2. Ignore the folks on the thread will nonsense advice like "stay active". That's simply crap from people who think that posting bad advice repeatedly will get them orders. 

Clean up the gigs, ignore the dummies, you will be OK.


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You can do 3 thing 

  • Try to Send 10 effective buyer request daily
  • Follow-Up ! Send your prev. buyer and talk with them about their business ask them is need any service you are available or give them discount 
  • Optimize you gig , use attractive image 

Best of luck . Do those for month hope It'll work!!

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