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How days will it take to get the first order in fiverr


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It depends on your tries on this platform, gig, gig images, the way you try to be available in search result with your keywords.

Responding to buyer request can be a good way as well.


I can see that you're don't have any level as a seller now.

You will get the those buyer requests only where 10 sellers without level didn't send the offer yet.

Whenever, 10 seller without level sent offer, that buyer request will not be showing to any other seller without level anymore.

So be proactive and check frequently for a buyer request to be one of the 10 to send the offer.

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2 hours ago, imran_rabbi said:

How days will it take

It’s not about days… It can be one day or it might be never. There is no specific amount of days after which you will get orders. Clients will be buying your service if they are interested in it and your gig convinced them that you are the right person for that 

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