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Are you a new freelancer from Bangladesh?

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55 minutes ago, abgraphicbd said:

I read your every comment. You are right to know English as well as skills. In this case, nationality is not an issue.

The OP was referring to BD sellers only. His point was suggesting that BD sellers deserve extra effort from buyers. I was pointing out that they don't. They should be treated with the same expectations as everyone else. 

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On 8/25/2021 at 5:03 AM, newsmike said:

It is an unreasonable expectation for sellers to take extra time to vet Bangladeshi sellers to see if they can communicate. It is more the responsibility of the seller to be proficient in the first place. Many of their gigs are in horrid English, so buyers will simply skip them. A number also have gig descriptions that have been written for them by someone fluent in English, but when they interact with buyers, (or come to the forum to complain about not getting sales) they reveal that they have very poor English skills. 

It's absolutely right. I agree with you and your opinion .

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