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I'm so happy!! Finally I got Level One Seller batch.


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Hi there,

Hope all are doing well. 

I'm really glad to inform you all that I got a level one seller batch this month but after getting the batch I'm facing some issues such as I don't get any knocks from buyers and my gigs impression getting decrease😪. I'm a little bit worried about it.

Please help me how can I come back from this situation? 

Kindest Regards

Pallob Sarker

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Your gig will be rank again. Actually when you started fiverr journey that time your competitors was 0 ranked as you. But now you got lavel 1 badge. So Fiverr will keep you with lavel 1 competitors. Now your journey will be with lavel 1. So be patience. Your gig impression, clicks will be return. No worries.

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