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"Seeking: writer to write 50,000 words of lore in 30 days for a vampire worldbuilding project. Will need to write places, groups and the like for this world. Budget is $66/£50, cannot go over that. Word count is 50,000, not going any lower Please read the attached doc and add the code word so I know you read the file."

The above buyers request has been cycling for months now on the Buyers Request section.   The Buyer posts 3-4 times per day.   The attached doc is very strongly worded - THIS IS THE PRICE, THIS IS THE WORD COUNT.   

It is real irritating!   It feels like a scam to me - why would anyone post the same request over and over and over?   Can this be investigated and where can we report suspicious buyers requests?   I think it will make the community much better if it was possible to do so. 

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3 minutes ago, helenabester said:


At some point, the doc said 'actually, this is volunteer work, but you have to get 2000 words done every day, etc. etc'. It's either a scam or just someone genuinely desperate thinking they'll find the 'right' fit at some point. Unfortunately, the only way I've found the report BRs has been through CS - and even then, the people kept posting on the site for a very long time (even though I was told that they'd be investigated). I was also told to just block them but - how? (the person I reported was the - very cool person (not) looking for dubious content possibly involving minors... 

I don't check BR that often but I see more 'weird' ones than good ones - and I'm not sure just... what we can do other than ignore them. 

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