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How to get buyer request and send offer.


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Nothing we can do, or suggest, will provide you with more buyer requests. Buyer requests show up in your BR section if you qualify for them, and if there are any available for you to respond to. If none show up for you to respond to, then it would appear that neither of those two factors apply for you.

It is also unwise to expect all of your orders to come from the buyer request section. Focus, instead, on have great gigs that potential buyers absolutely must hire you from. Be a great seller buyers cannot live without.

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I can see that you're don't have any level as a seller now.

You will get the those buyer requests only where 10 sellers without level didn't send the offer yet.

Whenever, 10 seller without level sent offer, that buyer request will not be showing to any other seller without level anymore.

So be proactive and check frequently for a buyer request to be one of the 10 to send the offer.

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