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Buyer stole $300 worth of work which took more than 25days to complete.


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Hey everyone,

Since CS wont help me or anything.. So thought I'd share this here.

I had a client who wanted 10 images of animals photoshoped for hoodies & screenshots of the psd files for them (as proof of my work). He placed the order on 5th July. Took me about more than 25 days to complete it (he kept wanting unnecessary adjustments) but I still gave him free of charge as they weren't revisions but just in chat. He seemed really happy about how they turned out to be, & after the order was marked as complete, today I got the notification from Fiverr stating it has been canceled because a lion image I had used, he found it online (also that being copyright free). After contact CS, they said they are unavailable to help me & hopefully the person won't use my work..

So not only I lost my $300 but 1 month of time & the negative effects on my profile.... 

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