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My gig doesn't appear on the search results


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Hello guys,

First I would like to say that last year I joined fiverr (even before the visual update) and I was really surprised and had a few great experiences with buyers but unfortunatly I wasn’t avaiable and hadn’t enough time to work here since most of my gigs were based on design and illustrations projects wich requires a LOT of time to create I decided to come back here when I was more free to it.

But now I have this gig I suspended and re-opened again, I updated and shared it on social medias 2 days ago, created a promo video for it, but still I can’t get it to appear on the search results here on fiverr or get someone interested.

It doesn’t even appear in the ‘with video’ section, what’s the reason? is it because of the 83%rating and should I create the gig again?

Gig link; http://www.fiverr.com/mindinchaos/create-a-vector-female-character-in-this-style


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You must note that every gig is in fiverrs index however it may be hard to find but there are thousands of people searching for gigs…

I think right now you should try to fix your rating either by creating more sales or discussing the negative ratings with those who gave it to you…

Best Of Luck,

🙂 Joe

The Creative Guys

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