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My Case Studies Samples


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 I have three samples to show you all. I been building my portfolio on Medium to test my skills as a case study writer. Give me your thoughts on my writing.

Here are my samples on Medium

1. On @carrieblogger https://medium.com/@mariowalker904/an-all-american-girl-crushing-the-fiverr-world-4a96244663e1

2. How Gary Vee's Crush It Helped Youtuber Roberto Blake https://medium.com/@mariowalker904/how-garyvees-book-crush-it-helped-a-struggling-artist-to-create-an-awesome-six-figure-business-84d3c1d54c59

3. This one is about me, on how a pair of headphones changed my perspective https://medium.com/@mariowalker904/how-jvc-powerful-on-sound-earphones-changed-the-way-i-listen-to-music-334e8367b9c2

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