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Funds Withdrawal Initiated but NOT Completed


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Hello Community,

My Apologies if similar thread exists somewhere.

I experienced a strange problem. My funds were cleared and I tried withdrawing (Bank Transfer using Payoneer). A strange message appeared. (Please See Attachments).

I tried again but same response. Suddenly, the web refreshed itself and I saw the Withdrawal Was initiated but there was no "withdrawal Complete Message" nor the funds are recieved.

-I tried contacting customer service but no response.

-I had this issue on Aug 21, 2021 and today is Aug 23,2021

-Today, I had more funds cleared and I transferred to my Payoneer Successfully.

If anyone encountered this issue, Please Guide.

Many Thanks for Your Help and Guidance.

(Attachments Include: 

-Error Message

-A snap of fiver Earnings Page showing Withdrawal Initiated but not completed.)



Screenshot 2021-08-23 135253.png

Screenshot 2021-08-23 122150 (2).png

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Did you check payoneer transaction history> Upcoming.

Sometimes it can happen that payoneer asks some details for verification.


But Still I agree with you that fiverr should give a withdrawal completed history in your statement.
As it's not and also if there is nothing in payoneer upcoming,
Then only the option to contact Fiverr CS.


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