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want to know about publishing gig video


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Hello everyone 

I have two questions one of them is very important (according to me ) another one is a little bit silly.


Question No 1:  when I want to use a video on my gig, how could I set which part of the video will display when it appears on the search result ( before anyone clicks on it).


This questions is a little bit silly if don’t want to answer it, it’s ok!


Question No2: if Elementor is my parent’s keyword then what words can be used as a child keyword.


Thank You for your time to read my stupid questions.

Have a good day

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1. Adjusting a Gig Video Preview (Thumbnail):

  • While in Gig Edit mode, click Gallery.
  • In the Gig Video section, click Edit.
  • Click Play, pause the video on the desired frame, and then click Set as preview.
  • Click Close.

2. Wordpress, Wordpress website, elementor pro, etc etc

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