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Don't Delete Your Fiverr Account


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Sorry guys, but I'm a bit talkative right now.  

I've just finished changing my gigs, again.  I've had them up for around a month now and all I've gotten are spam messages.  I do see where they are starting to get more impressions so I'm just trying to be patient.

Going through this makes me regret deleting my accounts - twice.  I started getting business from Facebook groups which was paying me way more than Fiverr so I deleted my accounts.  I reached 2 seller level both times.  I used to be so overwhelmed.  I was one of the first one who started offering FB ads.  I used to do it for $5 for a very long time.  I also wrote about pages that I loved.  The down side was people would order, but never send their information to me.  Eventually, I would have to cancel.  This used to frustrate the heck out of me!

At any rate, I'm back here bc I hate the marketing and some of the other things I have to be responsible for as a business owner.  I prefer giving my 20% and letting Fiverr handle things for me.  With all of the growth that I see here, I wonder how will Fiverr be able to cater to all of its sellers.


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