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Does anyone ever scammed by a buyer? Any tips for a seller to deal with a scammer buyer?


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Hello guys, I hope you are well there.

Some days ago I delivered an order to a buyer. 2 days later he open a dispute to cancel the order, he want a different style of drawing even though I do all the specification he want. Then I declined the dispute and suggested him to use the revision chances (he still have 5 revision chances). He opened the dispute again and want a refund, he said he want a refund. Then I declined again and suggested him to use the revision chances again.

He opened a dispute again and again, I declined all of the dispute. I asked him why he insist to cancel the order, he can use the revision chances. He just said he want a refund. Then the time is up. I just thought although he agreed to use the revision chances I still didn't get enough time to deliver the order. Then we agree to cancel the order.

I don't get paid.

Several hours later I googling this: scammer buyer on fiverr. There is a quora link in the first page. I clicked it and read some seller have been scammed by buyers. It have same modus, a cancel dispute even though the buyer deliver the order like the buyer's specification. I realized I have been scammed.

Does anyone ever experienced something like this? How do you deal with the scammer buyer?

I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand what I'm saying 🙂

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