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I want to know that?


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I am also a new seller on fiverr. But I learnt a thing or two. You can check their profile for past works and reviews as a buyer. Generally, a profile with decent and relatively frequent reviews aren’t fake. But there are times when the buyer account is new. In those cases you have to talk to them and see how it feels to talk to them. You have to trust your guts.


They'll say like they have other job offers in the future. Don't just trust that fully. 


Most importantly, if they ask for past work, that's fine, but if they ask you to do something for them before ordering, never do that. They'll say something like, I have a huge order, but I'll need to see your skill. do this one thing for  me and I'll order for the whole work. Don't do that. Chances are, they only needed that one thing done anyway. 


Be honest and follow your guts.

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