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What does - '(Username) may not be contacted at this time' mean?


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I was working back and forth with a buyer on some revisions. Fiverr ended up marking the order as complete. I went to go message the buyer and received the message ‘(Username) may not be contacted at this time’. I thought maybe the person deactivated their account or something so I figured I would check back in the morning and see. Except I just received a message from them. I don’t understand. I don’t want them to give me a negative review because they think I’m ignoring them, but I’m not sure what to do.

Any helpful tips?

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I encountered something similar, however fiverr made sure the gig was completed before termination. I had purchased a gig and he delivered on time and as requested. I tried finding him several hours later - the account was gone.

If there is any money or something which will cause a loss for you don’t hesitate to contact SUPPORT.

Best Of Luck,

🙂 Joe

The Creative Guys

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