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My account is restricted???


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So today I received an email saying my account is under review because it was flagged for copyright infringement. All my gigs are now in the denied section. I cannot contact any of my clients because my inbox is also restricted. The said I violated the TOS. They did not warn me even once and just restricted my account.

I have never used anyone else's work on my gig. All my work is purely original but I don't know why my gigs were flagged and removed. 

I contacted Fiverr CS and they said they cannot tell me who reported me or even if their report was correct. They just said the review can take up to several weeks.

SEVERAL WEEKS??? My gigs starting performing after struggle of months and I just started getting traffic and orders on my account. Please tell me, as a seller what can I do about this situation. This is gonna cause me a lot of business. 

And do they even review and resolve the issue? Or my account is now just dead? Will I get my gigs back??? HELP ANYONEEEE

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