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Customer support incompetence


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Hi everyone,

do you have any idea how to address a bug to fiverr?
I'm done with trying.

I posted details about the bug here: 


No one commented on the bug.

Two days later I opened an additional "Support request" including the link to the bug report.
About a day later I received an answer from "Petar", asking me to send a short video of the bug (which I did) and describing the bug in more detail.
Describing in more detail? I asked him to read the bug report I linked in my initial support request.

Finally, he also aked me NOT to post a bug in the "Report a Bug" area of the forums.
Question: What is this area for if not for B-U-G-S? 🤦‍♂️

Some hours after I answered by attaching the desired video, a guy called "Johnny" (support team) answered me and asked me to - you will already imagine 🤦‍♂️- describe the bug and take screenshots.

I finally, asked him to close my support request since this is obviously a charade. 😕

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You might get another email from support. A review of Fiverr's support. Another opportunity to ask for support. However you have already done all the tests they would advise. Which is clean, update and reboot your browsers.

What to do?

Post in their forum would be my answer. Maybe someone else has a soluton. Certainly you've explained the issues.

I had a similar issue a while back with my computer and I learned a new trick. Called a 'drop-kick'  

1. Hold computer 3 feet above ground.

2. Let it drop

3. Kick it out the window.

No wait, that wasn't it. Try this.

1. Close all applications and power down computer. Turn it all the way off.

2. Remove ALL connections, usb devices, device receivers, just unplug everything especially the power cord..

3. Let stand for 10 minutes unplugged.

4. Plug everything back in.

5. Power up and test

Here's the theory. Disconnecting all devices with force the computer to re-sync everything. Including ethernet connection, wi-fi, mouse, devices, everything including your bug possibly. Letting it stand for 10 minutes also clears any residual charge left behind in your electronics. Letting it cool off and discrarge might clear up your bug.

Like I said I had a similar issue where  I got that white overlay. Drop kicking my computer worked for me.



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