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There is nothing that can bit the Fiverr algorithm. You can do good work with consistency and, you will get the reward.


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I joined Fiverr back in 2017. In this period of working, I have completed nearly 500+ projects with 380 ratings. With $92 of the average selling price, 67% of my order was rated. I was earning a pretty handsome amount monthly.

On a fine day In August 2020, I lost my gig ranking. It has happened after a cancellation. Well, Fiverr doesn't like a cancellation. I have been struggling since then. I have made several changes to my gig Like, Adding Videos, Updating gig images, descriptions, Optimizing SEO. But, I never noticed any improvement in my impression. Look like I got sentenced by the Fiverr algorithm. I only have old clients now. 

I have researched a lot and learn that there is no way to bit the Fiverr algorithm. Only one thing can bit it and, that is consistency. Do your best job consistently. Let Fiverr will notice you. Your gig will stand out automatically.

At this stage, I am trying my best to maintain good works and be on top again. I am sure I will be back in business very soon.

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