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Sales suddenly dropped ! Will promote gig help ?

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Hi, I've been a Fiverr seller for more than 4 years. And in last 2 years I've been getting overwhelming orders. I even sometimes had to enable out of office mode because I couldn't handle the orders. But about 2 weeks ago when I came form a vacation after closing the out of office mode I started getting around 1 - 2 orders per day ( my avarage was 5 - 6 orders per day ) so it's pretty low but not concerning.


But then I had to cancel a order because the buyer was unresponsive and rude, so I contacted customer support and after discussing they cancelled the order. And from then I didn't receive a single order. Only few orders by my previous clients. Also very few buyers was texting me which didn't even turn into orders. I've updated my images, changed description and lowered prices. Still no luck.


So I've been thinking of using the gig promotion thingy, is it any good ? Can I use it to get some orders and start the flow and then opt out of it ?

Thanks for reading :)

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I can see you're doing great here.

Vacation may affect your ranking in search result, but as you're doing great, so I believe it will be recovered soon.
I will suggest you to try by using gig promotion and it works good. According to my experience, gig promotion also follow shuffle system I think, So you need to have patience. And you should take it as investing for potential opportunity. You will be in peace!


Hey I didn't mean rest in peace!! haha

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