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Google ads search certification


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Google Skillshop is home to several online courses – including the Google Marketing Platform with several certifications in different disciplines. Within the scope of the Google Marketing Platform, you may receive certification in:

  • Campaign management, planning, and reporting with the Campaign Manager Certification.
  • Ad campaigns with the Search Ads 360 Certification.
  • Workflow troubleshooting, optimization, and campaign setup with Display & Video 360 Certification.
  • Project management, QA, and design with the Creative Certification.

For each certification exam, Google provides a preparatory course to help you get familiar with the essentials.

Aside from certified materials, the Google Marketing Platform incorporates materials on Google Ambo for mobile advertising, Google My Business for local presence management, Analytics Academy for data collection and analysis, and more.

In contrast with the “Fundamentals of digital marketing” course we’ve had earlier, Skill shop's Marketing Platform dives a little deeper into the specifics. With that, it’s perhaps less suitable for beginners. 

If you are interested in Google’s education and certification opportunities but are a newbie in digital marketing, then you should get started with “Fundamentals of digital marketing” and only then proceed to Skillshop.

i earn mine what about you?


Google Ads Search Certification _ Google.pdf.png

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