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Not able to see Buyer Request , How it could be posssible , no request ?

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2 hours ago, build2architect said:

buyer request depend on the type and number of gigs. buyer request shows as per your gig types.

Yes, It depends on the gig and its type…

Moreover, it depends on the time when Fiverr algorithm release them after review…if you are a new seller they’ll come at a time and then vanish after sometime…

But if you’re Level 1 or 2 then the requests stay longer unless the buyer deletes it…

I’ve observed that they’re less on the weekends and more on the weekdays..!

The key is to keep looking and be patient…

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I can see that you're a new seller. (No level)

You will get the those buyer requests only where 10 new seller didn't send the offer yet.

Whenever, 10 new seller sent offer, that buyer request will not be showing to any new seller anymore.

So be proactive and check frequently for a buyer request to be one of the 10 new sellers to send the offer.


Also check your gigs subcategory.

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