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I keep seeing this on the buyer request section on the mobile app (I don't have a pc) what do I do?


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1 hour ago, shadiya646 said:

Maybe this is the reason when you search BR that time no BR exist. So try to refresh this page between 5-10 minutes. 

Or clear the apps data then check again. 

The buyer request section of the mobile app has no "refresh" option



And I've cleared the app data and all, still doesn't work

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2 hours ago, coerdelion said:

I never use the app - too buggy

Use the normal mobile browser (I use firefox, but there's a chrome mobile version) and ask for the desktop version.  You may find that works where the app doesn't.


Are u sure that mobile browsers work for buyer requests?


Look at the screenshot, it's Fiverr's page on Chrome's desktop version, yet I can't access buyer request until I switch from seller mode to buyer mode, and that is if I wanna order a gig which I don't


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On 8/21/2021 at 3:49 AM, anim8_ said:

The buyer request section keeps saying  "no requests found"Screenshot_20210820-213046.thumb.png.50e57e45567df566627efc371591c479.png

since yesterday morning


what could be the cause?

Many people have been having this problem for a few days, I am also facing this problem, wait, it will be fixed

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