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Buyers Request acting strange


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I am honestly fed up with BR. It's been two weeks, and it keeps getting worse.

First, it was showing the exact 5 requests for a whole week. Now new requests are piling up with old requests that are from May!! 

I contacted CS about it like three times. They said they are working on it, and that after a few days things will be fine.

Yesterday, I noticed that fiverr was down for a moment, and buyers requests seemed to be normal but it was normal for JUST AN HOUR.

And what's soooo weird is the same old requests have less to zero offers. Even the new ones have nooo offers, and they'll have nooo offers the whole day and also those that have offers, their offers will seemingly decrease. The whole thing is a mess. I have tried "manually" removing the old requests but they always come back!

Didn't know to put this as a ranting plot, report bug, or fiverr questions, but whatever.

Is anyone experiencing this?

Has anyone's BR been normal since yesterday after fiverr was down?

And has anyone sent offers lately, and has gotten responses?

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