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Full Broadcast Rights for songwriter / singer gig if the song ordered contains vocals ?



Now, this may look like a weird question, but I recently discovered the Voice Overs gigs and the Full Broadcast Rights on top of the Commercial Rights.

I brought a song from a songwriter to be used in a commercial project and she lends her voice for the vocals.

Now, since said the project is a video game, the song thus her voice will be diffused on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). So do I need to get Full Broadcast Rights from her to be copyrights-ok? I did order with the Commercial Rights.

I didn’t see Full Broadcast Rights anywhere on other songs-related gigs. The Term of Service only mention Voice Overs gigs.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. From that gig I got the full song (with all tracks mixed I don’t know the right term), the instrumental-only track, and vocals-only track. All will be in the video game and promotional material aka videos on the internet. 

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forgot to mention some infos
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