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I send buyer request almost every day and it's not converting. Any help??


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4 hours ago, micheal__pro said:

I send Buyer Request everyday and still it's not converting. I really need some one to put me through this, Like an explanation. I'm I lacking something else???

wait brother, you have not review vuyer don't trusted you. wait for first order and sending buyer request, i have new seller i don't have review 😞

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Buyer requests is not the main way the vast majority of sellers receive their orders. It's through the strength and attractiveness of their gig pages that converts curious prospective buyers into actual purchasers.

Being a brand new seller generally means overly relying on BR to try to start the ball rolling, but having appealing, professional, and coherent gigs are still critically important in regards to BR, as a request poster will very likely check your gig pages if you've piqued their interest.

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