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I'm a bit confused, you said

9 minutes ago, riten_dewan said:

I know it's the cause of my weakness.

so you know what your weakness is, and you know that your weakness is what is causing the low sales??
If you know what your weakness is, the only thing you can do is...well, do something about it.
What exactly is your weakness?? Or am I misunderstanding what you said?

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Hi riten_dewan,

Following tips will be helpful for you.

1. Create an attractive gig title for the gig.

2. Create a attractive thumbnail for the gig cover. If you can create a gig video that will be better.

3. Choose right category, subcategory and good keyword for your gig.

4. Deliver your order within the time frame. If you need more time you can modify the order(Customer need to approve your request)

5. Share your gig link on social media and knowledge sharing sites like quora.

6. Use fiverr mobile app to response to customer messages fast.

7. Create a attractive profile description.

8. Fiverr forum is a good place to grab knowledge. Actively connect with the sellers on fiverr forum to share the knowledge.

9. Learn with fiverr offer a free course called "Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller". Complete that course. (https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller)

10. Be online and response fast to customer requests.


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