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Send proper buyer request


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just skip the formal part ......... straight to the point what you can do for the buyer how many version of the design you can provide or the services as logo designer i couldn't find anything more then design pardon me........ and you can offer hime more then the need like giving him an outstanding business card design.... or a socila cover...... mock up etc.......it's not what have you done in past it's about the need actual need of the buyer or client.

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  • Read the Project Description completely
  • Keep your cover letter description clean and simple

                 Most of the people write ” Hi I am ( Name) and I have 5 years experience about this section then lots of sentence and bla bla bla. Really this is  Big mistake for the best cover letter. You should write just a simple and clean cover letter. The best way you should read completely the project details then write about the project topic and must ask some questions. When you asking some questions there is a big chance of to reply from the client. so if you want to write the best buyer request for Fiverr you should write a simple and clean cover letter

  • Specify your offer

                Don,t write too many sentences just specify your work plan and highlights your key point. Please read every sentence very carefully from job post or buyer request then reply step by step. I hope you will get your job and make sure you have some work sample or portfolio because it’s most important to get any job from the client. When you are a new seller that’s time the client wants some work sample and it’s very important for winning any project. If you don,t have any work sample or portfolio you should arrange it or make it before applying for any job.

  • Make sure you are available today 
  • Don’t send a copy or same cover letter for all client
  • Bid with an average price
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