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Bidding on buyers request.


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Buyers request is one of the way to get clients of Fiverr. I found some of my clients there who have turned out to be repeating buyers. There are a few mistakes that I used to do which made me do a lot of work for a very little money.

I used to rush to send an offer even before reading the job instructions, and even going further by putting the price proposed by the client. 

Lately, I read the job descriptions until I get what the clients want. I then charge them according to the tasks I'll be doing instead of their fixed price. I prefer negotiating the price until we come to a clear understanding.

I've learnt many clients prefer somebody who will be able to work on their projects compared to price. (And I'm not saying you over charge them, just ask for a fair price).

Also don't ask for a fair price and deliver shoddy and unacceptable jobs. If you do that you won't stay in Fiverr for a month.




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