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What is the Problem with my gig?


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Hello everyone hope you are fine and doing great actually i am level 2 seller on fiverr with 955 reviews and 4.9 rating My gig which has 923 reviews on it was on the 1st in 3d category but don't know what happen it goes on 19th page now and i am not getting any orders please check my gig and tell me what is the problem that occurs Thank you 


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Most relevant reviews then.


Your gigs literally have orders in the queue you are moaning about nothing


You aren't going to spend your whole life on the front page of fiverr its not realistic gigs rotate you have nearly 1000 reviews how do you not about fiverrs algorithm yourself already

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mate it doesnt work like that


The whole point of an algorithm is that its taking all the site wide data and it works from that... It doesn't work on a set period like 8 months.....


No one knows how it works I doubt even customer service know how it works fully.... Its just a fact of life on fiverr... one day you can be number 1 the next you can be number 100


This is why everyone recommends fiverr not being your whole source of income.. Diversify and have other income routes then you wont need to be so reliable on the fiverr algorithm


You are clearly a highly skilled seller from your reviews you could have social media pages or websites. There are numerous other places to sell genuine skills at the same time



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