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My First Order Completed


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11 hours ago, drasnia said:

So what exactly is your point???


I have done 1400 orders but I haven't posted about a single one


Why are you posting this on the forum? 

It's a matter of who owns it. It is up to you to decide who you are 😊. I hope you understand.

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5 hours ago, drasnia said:


You really don't get it do you.... Its you who doesn't understand


How many times do you deluded idiots need telling this isn't what the forum is for 


the forum is not for announcing when you get an order

Well, probably that category was created for sharing everyone's experiences. Also, you can't say anyone idiot. Behave yourself. Yeah, he should put some words on his post as what he experienced while doing project, but he didn't.

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7 minutes ago, drasnia said:


shut up and go and get some sales before you address me..


Fed up of speaking with you idiots who have no idea what you are on about


Fiver experience if for experiences... now reporting every order you get

Well, if the category wasn't created for sharing the experience. Then could you tell me why this category was created for?

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Just now, drasnia said:

yes its for experiences..... stories about your time on fiverr etc


its not for reporting every order you get


Why do you think for the forum cares you got an order 

Yeah, that's what I said. He should've put some word sharing his experiences on either how did he grab the order or how was his first order

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like talking to a brick wall.... There is no story involved because there is no content to create a story


Getting 1 single order doesn't make an experience


Go and get 25 or 50 orders and come back and talk about what you learned during that time that would be an experience 



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1 minute ago, rakib_hosan said:

Congratulations man


You may think you are funny with this comment but i just reported your fiverr profile for buying fake reviews

your last 7 orders are all from the same person lol wait until fiverr ban your account

Hope the congratulations was worth it "brother"

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