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Heyyyyy! Congrats! That's great 😁

A quick look on your fix hacked websites gig. Maybe you should set up the three packages (I noticed you already explained it well on your gig description!). But I am guessing this is a service that is more custom order in nature (?) .. Although you can set a range of what you could cover for a set price. Then place on your description what else you could cover and its best to contact you for a free consultation and quote, etc. 

Consider adding FAQs as well 🙂

But seriously how you've already set it up and managed so far, I want to congratulate you for that!!!

Here is a free course on Fiverr that you might find helpful: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller (The badge that you attended this course will also appear on your profile) .. There are other courses as well there that you might find relevant. 

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