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My Statistics fell down unexpectedly & Gig isn't promotable



Hello! I need some help!
My main gig statistics collapsed after a year of successful work (300+ reviews, rating 4.9). Gig views fall from 12k per week to 1.5k per month (!) and the gig also became unavailable for promotions. I found my gig through a search, of course it ended up on the last page. There, along with me, there were a couple of other sellers with 300+ reviews. I decided to ask them about it. They said that everything had also collapsed suddenly and for no reason. Fun fact: I've been a Fiver member since May 2020, and the guys I wrote to are members since April and June 2020. I mean, the time period is about the same. Have you encountered similar problems?
Thank you for your attention, have a nice day everyone ♥ ️

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