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I am a new seller but i can't find a job,what can i do now


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Don't worry! some big issued you mistake that's the problem. So you have to solve the issues ---

1) Attractive gig image add

2) Short meaningful keyword gig title

3) Active on at least 12 hour everyday it's the problem for you install fiverr mobile apps and active on also you can use auto refresh after 5 minutes

4) Every single day 10 buyer request sent 

Best wishes for you.

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Keep working on your gig. Keep trying to make it better.

A couple of quick tips:

  • Don't write everything in bold. It's really hard on the eyes. Save bold formatting for those really important parts of your description.
  • Fix your gig title. You've misspelled "meditation", so buyers might not be able to find you easily when you search for that term.
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1) Target low competition keyword 

3) use eye-catching gig images

4) try attractive gig title

5) send buyer request everyday 

6) share your gig on target audiences.

7) gig description help you convert your audiences to customers, so keep it’s simple with informative.

I hope it’s help you.

Thank you

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