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I'm new.. help me understand payments


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I’m new here’s some questions:

1.) How will I know if someone bought my gig? would I get a regular email or would I have to sign on fiverr everyday to check my inbox?

2.) How do I get paid? I have a PayPal account but I heard fiverr takes $1 for commission, is PayPal the only way to get paid and or the best way?

3.) Can you walk me through what happens when someone buys your gig? full process please. THANKS 🙂

HERES my gig… brand spankin’ new on here… excited!!

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

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I’m going to answer briefly 'cause detailed infos can be found on Fiverr FAQs.

  1. You should receive an email for every order you receive and for every message someone leaves on your inbox. Sometimes, due to a glitch, emails have not been sent immediately. So, can you rely on emails? Probably yes...
  2. When a buyer places an order, Fiverr takes his money immediately; then you work on the order and finally deliver it. Buyer must review your work and accept the delivery or reject it. When the order is marked as complete, Fiverr waits 14 days before giving money you earned for the order. Money is parked on your Fiverr account and you can use to buy other gigs or you can withdraw it on your Paypal
  3. Please read Fiverr FAQs: they have been written for Fiverr users to read them!
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