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Changing my Username [ARCHIVED]


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Guest rainechasing

I would like to change my username from what it is now, RaineChasing to my actual company name, Meishanized, LLC. It should be easy enough for Fiverr to incorporate this. There are lots of companies that allow this that also keep track of ratings, etc.

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Reply to @rainechasing: you can try to contact Support Team, but I’m pretty sure your username won’t be changed. This rule exists from the very beginning and I don’t think it will be changed soon…
So, if you want my opinion, the only solution for you is deleteing your account and creating a new one with the name you please.

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Guest authorclairedav

The reason I want to change my name is that I finished filling out my profile and didn’t realize that I had not finished typing the last two letters of my last name. it should be authorclairedavis not authorclairedav. This is what happens when you work all night and write when you can hardly keep your eyes open. So what do you guys think? I’m brand new to Fiverr and haven’t made any sales yet. Should I just create a new profile or stick with the current profile name? I’m torn. It could be worse. I could have accidentally called myself fartfighter.

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Guest salman42sabir

I also want to change my name name. Actually there is Salman42Sabir, instead of this there should be Salman Sabir, my real name. 42 in the mid seems very odd to me.

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