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You make 10 buyer Requests every day as time goes by and you share social media gigs every day gig click view and order come GIG ranking  come  i think so
These are what you need..

Follow gig SEO system suggested by Fiverr.
Improve the Gig images
Provide better customer support in conversation and work quality.
Maintain deadline definitely.
Get better ratings by providing excellent quality of works.
Maintain response rate and completion rate
As you're new seller so respond to buyer request regularly.
Keep contact with your existing clients for achieve repeated orders.
Rink your gig now i think so.

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1 hour ago, praloy_chow said:

Hi, this is Praloy Chowdhury. Completed 7 days as a Professional Digital Marketer,without any orders😟😟

🤚💬Experienced Sellers and Buyers,please help me to improve💬🤚

1. Find the right service you can offer which is demandful and you know it perfectly: Btw, Digital Marketing also have categories a lot such as CPA, Ads and others. Which do you offer?

2. Post Gig on time: Fiverr gives chance at some visibilities by having 'new seller'' section for most of categories. Think of when buyers would need your service.

3. Create Eye-Catching Image: Create it by Canva/Photoshop or if you can't do it perfectly hire a Graphics Designer for creating eye-catching image. Whatever, Your gigs images will get 6/10. You can do it better or as I've said hire another person for it.

4. Create Multiple Gigs: You've created 5 Gigs. However, Fiverr has a chance to create 7 Gigs for new sellers like you. SO, why don't you utilize it? 

5. Never Lose Patience: I got my first order on a freelance marketplaces after 4 weeks and 2 days, but due to some unknown TOC's of that marketplace I can't do the work and she got refund. The work I can do but, I think that she'll give me 20 euros but, I would have got 140 Euros. I don't know the TOC's of that marketplace and this what was going to happen. However, Next Sales comes after 1 month 2 weeks where I was successful and got 5 Rating the previous one was refunded so, she can't give me feedback. 

6. Extra: I have total earned $147.56 in 3 months and 6 days. I have created accounts in 4 well-known freelance marketplaces. I think someone have told that create account, gigs and get order. Is it that easy? Obviously No. So, Please stick here orders will come. See how patience I have. Again I'm saying follow all the tips and Stick Here.

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17 minutes ago, mizanexpert said:

You make 10 buyer Requests every day as time goes by and you share social media gigs every day gig click view and order come   i think so

Is it that easy really? So, Why I didn't earned 10+ Orders, I'm doing those the past 3 months. Someone have told you and You think so easy then so you can get 100s of orders daily. 🤣

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4 hours ago, praloy_chow said:

Sorry sir,,I am a professional Digital Marketer,so why should I hire??

Because if you were a professionsl marketer, you would know how to get sales instead of asking us how. No real professional marketer would need help, they are supposed to be the expert, helping others get sales. 

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