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How My Gig Was Rank in 1st Page


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Let's go, turn around, into Gig's new world. Where I will show, how the gig comes to the rank and what to add to the gig, which Fiverr himself loves, the words are not my own, Fiverr himself told me (collected from support) and the rest is his own experience. It has been a thousand and a half years in this marketplace. I have always seen the rise because I have only known, learned, and kept up to date.

Just think,
How many marks will I give myself in the job that I know, if brother can't give himself 90 out of 100 then go back, study then come or not? The marketplace was there before and still is and will be in the future. You will just get lost, in despair, in regret of not getting it, and in some annoyance.
You see,

Brother next to you, someone you know is working in the marketplace, getting reviews, tips from clients at the end of the day, you don't feel bad after seeing this, of course. Now think about why he is succeeding because he is a professional and you are a novice.

First Skilled Development, then Marketplace Study, then a Perfect Gig, and then the Dollar.

But at the moment you are doing the complete opposite, of course, you are being shown these dreams in pairs,
Thousands of dollars _ a random gig_ marketplace fake screenshot and then shaky skill.

The most important moments of your career are falling away with your dreams, at the time when you are supposed to develop your skills, you are being lowered like an immature horse, in a race with an experienced strong horse, you are losing and your talent is being lost.

If you compare the above words with yourself, I am saying one thing wrong, if I say wrong, you must tell me.

Let's get back to the world of gigs,

Gig means a summary of your frozen 4/5/6/6 month night work and woven dreams, where you type every sentence and the order will come, I can make income but it doesn't happen anymore.
If you haven't created a new gig yet, accept everything on your own
(If you don't understand, I will show it to you live on video)

A video:
Well, brother, are you crazy, or do you say keyword research first and then Brother said video, yes brother I am saying in a slightly different way,
A video called Fiverr brings 40% more engagement than other normal gigs. That means almost twice as many cars as your gig now, which results in more gig impressions, more clicks. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

How do I get the video ready?

It's better to give your own voice, but if you can't, do it with a slide show, and write it down as a subtitle.

What will beঃ

  • What do you offer at your service?
  • An example of your service?
  • The quality of your service?
  • And what is the benefit of the client if you take the service?
  • Think for yourself without searching for these online and write them down in a notebook.

The last time you watch the video, you will come a little confident, because you are spending time, if you spend time in the right place, that time will give you something good in return.

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