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Get Order and Buyer Request.


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Patience and persistence basically! Some people get an order quickly, others have waited weeks/months and even up to a year. This isn't to discourage you. It's just an insight into the difficulties that the freelancing world can bring. What helps is researching your competitors in order to stand out. Make sure your gigs communicate to potential buyers that although others offer the same thing, you're the right person for the job! This is done through well-written gig descriptions, attractive thumbnail/gig images and a professionally written profile section. Here's also a link that might help, good luck with your journey! 😄 


1 minute ago, adco_up said:

you can stay all time online

Please don't believe this 'advice'. Not only is it physically impossible, it will also do nothing in order to get you orders. 

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29 minutes ago, dm_pro_ said:

I have created 3 gig a few days ago but till now I didn't get any order and any knock. Now what can I do to get order. 


LOL you cant be serious just 5 minutes ago you were giving advice to someone else on this exact subject matter - 


Your exact quote was - 

try to make 7 gig and stay fiverr fourm and sent buyer request. hope you will be success. 

Best of Luck 


Then you immediately come here and ask the same question how are you this stupid?


What the hell is the problem in India and Bangladesh you all just talk for no reason


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36 minutes ago, coder_taher said:

you can lot of share your gig in social media


Can i ask you an honest question.    This guy is selling digital marketing services under the name digital marketing pro


Do you not find it weird that your fellow countryman cant market his own marketing gigs.


How can you all not see the irony in the crazy posts from these sellers


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